• Mini Valentine’s Heart Cakes
    Keep it sweet this Valentine’s Day with these adorable and delicious Mini Heart-Shaped Cakes! With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was inspired to make these mini heart shaped cakes. I may not be the biggest fan of eating cake, but I’ve always enjoyed the views of an overly decorated cake! When I say cakes though, I […]
  • My Favorite Vegan Spots In Orange County
    I just have to brag about some of my favorite vegan spots in Orange County for a minute. Here in the OC, we are lucky to have an ever growing number of restaurants offering vegan options. Thus, I thought I would share some of my favorite vegan spots in Orange County that I frequent. Vegan […]
  • Palm Springs Getaway Guide
    What’s not to love about visiting Palm Springs? When you live in Southern California, Palm Springs has always made for a easy weekend getaway. This unique little retro town is filled with photo worthy hotels and unique restaurants. With so many options though, we still find ourselves coming back to the same spots. Why change […]
  • Vegan Replacements A Non Vegan Won’t Even Notice
    Vegan replacements you won’t even notice! If I even mention something is vegan, I’m usually met with a “eww gross” or “no way i’m trying that” from non vegans which is so crazy to me! ‘Don’t knock it til you try it” is what I like to say. I mean I get it, I’ve tried […]