A little about me……

Picture of Tiffany Gray at the beach with her rescue chihuahua Lily on the about page

I’m Tiffany! born and raised in Orange County, California. Wife of almost 12 years to my wonderful husband, dog mama to five fur babies (Three of those dogs were to be temporary fosters. whoops!) and mama. I was a model for fifteen years before getting my real estate license. Being a model was fun and allowed me to travel the world, but my true joy and happiness comes from my home life. I love to be home with my husband and dogs, and I love cooking, baking, and attempting new recipes. It has been on my mind to start a blog for several years now but I was always so busy, and didn’t even know where to start. I’m also a perfectionist which i’ve learned I need to let go of. Sooooo here’s my blog, it may not be perfect but I enjoy it, and I hope you do too! Welcome to Grays Through Life.

Facts About Me:

  • My favorite place to travel is Hawaii
  • I’m a mom
  • I can eat fudge for breakfast, I love sweets!
  • Vintage and antique shopping are one of my favorite things to do.
  • I like to recreate old pinups and famous photo, (you can check them out here) I do all the photography, makeup, wardrobe, sets, and editing.
  • I’m obsessed with anything cute and miniature
  • I was a makeup artist
  • i’m a true Aries
  • I listen to old music, I don’t really know current popular artists and songs
  • I’m an investor of a plant-based restaurant in Los Angeles called Sugar Taco
  • I love to golf
  • I’m a licensed realtor

My daughter and I

This would be my first born Marley, he is a pug/boston terrier mix….Can you spot Otis underneath him?

Hubby and I in Venice, Italy

Picture of my husband and I on a boat in Venice, Italy on about page on grays through life blog
Picture of Tiffany Gray walking her five dogs

Out with all the fur kids, we still haven’t managed this walking on a leash without getting tangled up thing.

The fur kids have their own bedroom with bunk beds that they love! This is our typical morning of trying to get everyone fed.

picture of Tiffany Gray with her five dogs grays through life blog

In front of Sugar Taco in Los Angeles