Vegan Replacements A Non Vegan Won’t Even Notice


Vegan replacements you won’t even notice!

If I even mention something is vegan, I’m usually met with a “eww gross” or “no way i’m trying that” from non vegans which is so crazy to me! ‘Don’t knock it til you try it” is what I like to say. I mean I get it, I’ve tried some pretty nasty vegan alternatives, but once you find the right ones, you won’t even know the difference! I also like to bring up the fact Oreo cookies are vegan for the people who say that would never eat vegan (i’m pretty sure everyone has enjoyed an Oreo cookie once or twice in their life) My husband isn’t vegan by any means, he loves all his burgers and buffalo wings, cheese, you name it, BUT I have still managed to get him hooked on these vegan items below and he swears he never knew the difference!

1. ORGANIC SOYRIZO | I have never been a fan of real chorizo, but my picked this up one day while he was out. Has a great flavor and a little spice to it and no weird texture, Great for breakfast burritos

2. VAN LEEUWENS ICE CREAM | So I know there are so many options of vegan icecream on the market these day but nothing has compared to Van Leeuwens. I first had their ice cream when I stumbled into one of their shop locations in LA do I was so excited to see when they started selling their icecream in whole

3. HIPPEAS | I always had a bag of these while traveling, they often sold them at Starbucks so were always available at the airports when there was absolutely nothing else I could eat, they are the perfect little snack and taste just like regular cheese puffs.

4. MIYOKOS VEGAN BUTTER | One of the things I loved growing up was butter! not the fake margarine stuff, the white creamy sticks of butter, Giving up dairy and my beloved butter was hard at first UNTIL Miyoko’s entered my life. Taste just like the real thing and not full of a bunch of junk ingredients. One of the best vegan replacements I have found!

5. SMOKED GOUDA SLICES | Okay so i’m not really a fan of vegan cheese slices but I decided to give this one a shot, I was in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich and thought “why not?” I honestly was expecting it to be good at all. It has a smoky nice flavor, the cheese just takes a bit longer to melt, but I promise it’s worth the wait.

6. CHIPOTLE VEGENAISE | Taste just like a regular chipotle aioli, perfect for some homemade seeet potato fries.

7. GO VEGGIE CREAM CHEESE | I have yet to to find a vegan cream cheese quite like this one. I have tried a bunch of other brands before and they always ended up sitting in my fridge because honestly, they were terrible.

8. BEYOND BREAKFAST SAUSAGES | This is actually one of his and my favorites! so good and taste just like those little Jimmy Deans. I like to eat them on the go in the morning or if you have the time, you can make a whole breakfast sandwich with them.

9. MIYOKO’S CHEESE WHEELS | I had never even heard of vegan cheese wheels until I attended a baby shower that had a whole cheese spread out of them, I think I immediately went to Whole Foods after I left the baby shower to get them. I was hooked. All the flavors are great, but I’d say Garlic Herb is my favorite.

10. AMY’S MACARONI | There are a number of vegan mac and cheese brands on the market, but this one taste closet to the real thing. Just add a little salt and pepper and you have the perfect vegan comfort dish.

Did you enjoy this article about vegan replacements ? Do you have any questions about some of these products or even your own recommendations? If so, please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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