My Pregnancy Must-Haves

picture of pregnancy must-haves

Sharing some of my favorite pregnancy must-haves with you that I have found to be extremely helpful throughout my pregnancy.

As an Amazon associate earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. These are all products I have purchase and personally use.
  1. Bath Thermometer | At only 11.99 on Amazon, it was so worth not stressing the water temperature every time I took a bath, and I can use this when baby is here!
  2. Furry Slippers | Perfect for lounging around the house and super easy to slip on when that belly starts getting big.
  3. Leggings | The Maternity Crossover Panel Leggings from Target have been a lifesaver, I’ll probably wear these even if i’m not pregnant, They are incredibly comfortable. The crossover panel provides gentle back support throughout your pregnancy, designed so there is no digging or slipping, you can wear them folded or up over the belly.
  4. Organic Preggie Pop Drops | Helps with morning sickness and actually taste good!
  5. Alive Prenatal Vitamins | If you’re even thinking about becoming pregnant, i’m sure your doctor has recommended taking prenatals almost immediately. While there are a number of brands on the market, this brand has been the only one I actually look forward to taking in the morning. They taste fantastic and don’t contain gluten or gelatin
  6. Ovia Pregnancy App | My doctor actually told me about this app, It keeps track of your whole pregnancy and tell you how your baby is developing each day.
  7. Pregnancy Pillow | I gave in and bought one of these and i’m so glad I did, I will probably forever use this pillow…and so will my dogs unfortunately. So cozy, even if you’re not pregnant, just working on your laptop or reading in bed, this pillow makes it a thousand times more comfortable. There are a lot of different pregnancy pillows available but this one I love because it has a detachable pillow.
  8. Pregnancy Seatbelt | I bought this seat belt on Amazon and I literally will not get in a car without it, safe for baby and helps take pressure off the belly.
  9. Overalls | Super comfortable and great for a everyday casual looks that can be worn long after the bump is gone.

These were just some of my personal pregnancy must-haves. I would love to hear what some of your favorite products are!

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